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Universal LED T8 Tube

Replacing a T8 fluorescent tube has never been so easy with the new Universal T8 LED tube.

We proudly introduce the groundbreaking Universal T8 LED tube with patented oneTLed technology®.

In contrast to other T8 LED tubes, which only work with magnetic or HF electronic ballasts, the Opple LED tube works on both with magnetic and electronic ballasts, no matter what type of ballast you have.
Opple is the first lighting company to create the Universal LED T8.

This brings with it a major advantage when replacing T8 fluorescent tubes with the Universal T8 tube. There is no need for the installer to check which ballasts are in use, because it simply doesn’t matter. Just remove the old fluorescent tube and starter and fit the Universal Opple tube and new starter (only for EM installations). It works every time.

This new solution has an efficacy of up to 125 lm/W and a service life of 40,000 hours. Delivering up to 65% savings in energy consumption with a tube that lasts up to 4x longer than traditional fluorescent lighting. This makes the universal LED tube an affordable, unique tube and simple replacement for current T8 fluorescent lamps.

The Universal T8 LED tube will be available (in addition to the standard Opple T8 LED tube) from September 2016 onwards.

Watch the installation video, and see for yourself how simple it is: