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Novità: LED Flood EcoMax

OPPLE LED Flood EcoMax


The Opple LED Flood EcoMax incorporates the latest LED technology and yet it is still affordable. Save up to 80% on your energy bills when compared to traditional halogen luminaires! Thanks to the high quality of these LEDs, the LED Flood is even more efficient than traditional flood lights with metal halide lamps or even other LED alternatives. The unique reflector that creates a subtle asymmetric light effect cuts the number of luminaires required.


The latest Opple LED Flood EcoMax will really benefit people in the market for affordable flood lights. It was designed from scratch to be a LED luminaire. So the protective, tempered glass is not held in place by obtrusive clips but glued watertight to the housing. Bulky luminaires with big clips and removable glass are a thing of the past, as it is no longer necessary to replace lamps!


The design of the cast aluminium housing acts as a very effective heat-sink, emphasised subtly by the waveform cooling fins. The design is lent extra refinement through the print on the inside of the glass cover. The Opple LED Flood EcoMax is an unparalleled design, the likes of which have never been seen on the market before.


The Opple LED Flood EcoMax is an exceptional LED product at a good price, attractively designed, high efficacy and sealed for life. Championing Opple Lighting’s values: excellent quality and competitively priced products. Together with our partners, we are always on hand to provide you with the best possible service.